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Probably most anglers that use commonsense will already use most of these rules, the rules are not to restrict your fishing but simply to ensure the safeguard of the fish and enjoyment for you and your fellow anglers…


  • To prevent cross contamination we supply every angler with unhooking mats, landing net, weight sling and Reuben Heaton scales, (note: do not bring these items including sacks and keep nets to this venue).
  • Wet unhooking mats and weight slings to be used at all times supplied by us. Please keep your fish wet and as close to the mat as possible when taking photos. Standing for photos is only permitted when you and the fish are in the water together, to drop a fish from any height could be fatal.
  • In the summer the unhooking mats and weight slings can become very hot so please keep out of the direct sun and cool down with a bucket of water before you place the fish on them.
  • Make sure you have your camera, fish care kit and any other equipment ready before lifting fish out of the water.
  • Only landing nets supplied by Green Oaks are allowed (note: always make sure fins are laying flat against the body of the fish, to avoid damage otherwise they can break).
  • All carp and other large species to be moved in weight slings only, i.e. returning to the water and only allow fish to swim out of sling when ready.
  • No keep nets or sacking of fish. Fish must be returned to the water A.S.A.P.
  • All anglers must bring with them some antiseptic as part of their fish care kit.
  • Korda carp care kits, Nash medi-carp, Klin-Ik, Iodine fish doctor must be used on all hook holds & any other damaged parts of fish.


  • Hooks: only wide gape short shank with straight points and micro barbed or barbless allowed, patterned hooks like Fox Arma-piont SSC, Korda Kurv, Nash Fang X, the eye on the hook must be covered by a piece of silicon or shrink tube.
  • Hooks size: 7 to 2.
  • Hooks: No bent hook rigs, long shank, long curved shank, circle hooks, trebles or double hooks these are totally forbidden.
  • Only coated braid hook links allowed. (I.e. no uncoated braid, mono type lines).
  • No Chod rigs, Zig rigs or fixed leads as these are totally forbidden.
  • Leads/weight limit maximum 2.5 oz, no fixed leads.
  • Minimum 15 lb fluorocarbon and monofilament mainlines. No shock leaders or braided mainline.
  • Only Running or semi-fixed systems allowed.
  • Only readymade fused nylon leaders like Nash diffusion, Korda safe zone and TFG secret trap; the fused loop of the leader tied direct via a loop to loop on to main line (do not fix leader to main line via a swivel or quick link) and at the other end using safety clip system or inline set up only.
  • No rig tubing on main line as this often comes out of the tail rubbers and rides up the main line allowing the main line to lift scales.
  • We may inspect your end tackle and suggest modifying your rig if the setup is unsafe we are always happy to help anyone and always open to share new ideas from our angling guests.

  • BAIT at Green Oaks

  • You may bring your own bait; Boilies must be fresh / frozen type, pop-ups are ok to use.
  • No trout or high oil pellets.
  • Only specifically designed pellets for feeding carp allowed.
  • No liquids, glugs, oils, chilli, salt or any other additives to be used.
  • Particles pre-prepared like tins of sweet corn and jars by Gulp / Dynamite frenzied / ccMoores etc.
  • No artificial baits allowed.
  • No nuts or home prepared baits these are totally forbidden.
  • If you have any doubt about any bait you would like to bring please ask.

  • BAIT on the river Vienne: There are no bait restrictions on the river should you wish to have go the river is just 2mins drive away.


  • Arrival at Green Oaks - after 4pm unless agreed before.
  • Departure from Green Oaks - No later than 10am unless agreed before.
  • No smoking inside house.
  • Please remove your boots if muddy before you enter the house.
  • Please notify us immediately of any defects, breakdowns or missing items so that we can rectify any problem straight away.
  • Only toilet paper down toilet, as with all rural properties we use a septic tank and any other objects other than paper could/will block the pipe works and your party will be held responsible for the cost of unblocking.
  • No storage of any bait or fishing tackle in house, bins are available for you baits.
  • The house must be cleaned prior to your departure.


  • No loud music, shouting, shining of lights across the lake, mobile phone ring tones and bite alarms kept to a minimum.
  • No excessive drinking, as the danger with close proximity to water and fish care are obvious.
  • No fires or litter allowed around the lake at any time.
  • If you bring your own Bivvy it must be green or camouflage in colour.
  • No permanent marker floats like H block etc.
  • Strictly fishing only from the venues five swims and nowhere in-between.
  • No boats or swimming in the lake.
  • Use bait boats with care, keep away from any snags.
  • All anglers are only responsible for their rods, under no circumstance must your rods be left unattended at any time; if you need to leave your swim you must bring your lines in (note: for the welfare of birds and animals please remove baits form each rod when you've finished fishing).

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