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The CarpTechnics Sb4 Bait Boat

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SB4 Pro Bait Boat NEW for 2017

The SB4 is the result of listening carefully to like minded carp anglers and thinking outside of the box with over 3 years of development and intensive secret field testing, we are now pleased to say the results speak for themselves, the super compact body structure of the SB4 just oozes style and quality, you will be amazed with how light it is to carry and lift in and out of the water at just 44 cm long and an amazing 2.1kg, for once even the roving carp anglers doesn't need to think twice about carrying a bait boat around the lake; once your equipped with the SB4 you will have the freedom to dispatch your rig and free offerings like maggots or small particles bang on the money without any disturbance, unlike the repeated casting trying to land bang on the spot, or the disturbance of spods and PVA bags, which can spook wary carp, the massive advantages of using a bait boat will land you plenty of bonus carp throughout the season.

Without a doubt the SB4 has taken the concept of compact to a completely new level in the world of bait boats, this incredibly compact catamaran design is 100% hand built in the UK, the construction utilises some of the most advanced materials and components currently available; the SB4 has been developed for professional and leisure carp anglers that expect to use their boat even during the toughest of weather conditions.

Nothing has been left to chance, every SB4 Pro we build is equipped internally with many of the same SB3 Pro high quality branded electronic components, as used in the world of professional RC modelling industry such as Futaba, Graupner, Robbe etc, every component we use is inspected for quality and tested before and during the production process.
These baitboats really are at the front line in innovative design and state-of-the-art technology, including digital 2.4 GHz remote control systems; with no external antennas and a fold down handle allows you the freedom to take your SB4 even under overhanging trees; we have even included the bullet proof SB3 drive system, plus all of the high quality branded electronics that are installed in the SB4 are treated with a special nanotech coating for total waterproof protection, this is just one of the many small details that ensures your bait boat is fit for the purpose it was intended.

The SB4 Pro is not just a one trick pony just for your local lake, it has to be one of the best bait boat for fishing in France, as it's been carefully designed to cope with most types and sizes of lakes, it will even deliver more bait than some boats twice its size, and just as important will pack away small for storage in the boot of your car for your adventure.

Key features:

  • Hand built in the UK.
  • Reinforced ABS body shell manufactured in house.
  • Colour Gloss Black finish.
  • Light weight 2.1kg
  • Compact size 44L x 27W x 21H cm.
  • Carrying capacity 1.2kg
  • High quality branded electronics.
  • 2.4Ghz radio system.
  • Long range +600 m.
  • 316 stainless steel "hopper door"& "door release system".
  • LED Bait drop indication visible in bright daylight.
  • Hopper opens via remote control or opened and closed manually by hand.
  • Adjustable dimming of the LED brightness.
  • Long battery life.
  • Same drive system as the SB3 Pro.
  • Digital volt meter.
  • Comfortable fold down handle.
  • No external boat antenna.
  • Expandable modular design perfect for custom build.
  • User friendly operation.

Standard features and specifications:

  • Incredibly compact design makes it very easy to store in the car boot and carry to your swim, a massive advantage over other boats on the market, for once you can travel light with a boat.
  • UK manufactured in-house from a tough Gloss Black finish high impact acrylic capped ABS.
  • At just 44 cm long it's probably the smallest bait boat on the market, yet delivers more bait than some boats twice its size.
  • Single hopper design with perfectly closing 316 stainless steel door (not plastic), and steep sides ensures all bait drops, no problem when using maggots or small particles.
  • Quick bait up time hopper door opens with dedicated bait drop control on RC handset, or manually opened and closed by hand.
  • The SB4 catamaran design is extremely stable and manoeuvrable even in strong cross winds or open choppy waters, fully loaded or unloaded.
  • Quick change rechargeable HD boat battery system; with the magnetic battery cover, takes just a few seconds to change over batteries (no tools required).
  • Perfectly balanced long fold down handle maintaining the unique low profile (no suitcase handle or straps).
  • Digital 2.4GHz radio system radio link immune to any interference. Control distance +600 meters actual control distance depends on the environment.
  • Advanced navigation LED lighting system, complete with dimming perfect for night & day use.
  • Two super bright Green LED's light up to indicate bait has dropped.
  • Built-in fail safe, safeguards protect the RC handset and bait boat components.
  • Digital micro-processor control with variable speed in forward and reverse.
  • Easy to use one hand control with pin point accuracy tight to features.
  • SB4 is supplied with the same maintenance free powerful HD propeller drive system as used in the well proven SB3 Pro. More efficient than jet pump drives and doesn't suffer from power loss or control from blocked inlets, a common fault in other bait boat designs.
  • No priming required, just place in water and off it goes.
  • High performance HD boat battery, running time of 1.5 - 2 hours continuous use, depending on speed setting and weather conditions.
  • Automatic mains boat battery charger.
  • Integral boat battery digital volt meter.
  • User guide and instructions, 12 months guarantee and life time support.
  • SB4 dimensions: L 44 cm x W 27 cm x H 21 cm.
  • Light weight without battery 2.1 kg with battery 3 kg.
  • Bait capacity: 1.2 kg (single hopper).
  • Sonar ready: The all new SB4 Pro bait boat has been designed to take the optional Toslon sonar feature/fish finder systems, (Note: optional sonar is not included in the price of the SB4).
  • All Carptechnics bait boats comply with CE, ROHS, & WEEE regulations.

SB4 Pro-G5 Package:

The SB4 Pro comes complete with extra features and higher specifications as standard.
  • 1 x SB4 Pro Bait boat, colour Gloss Black
  • 1 x Rechargeable boat battery.
  • 1 x Automatic boat battery charger with LED indication. Switches itself off when fully charged.
  • 1 x Digital advanced 2.4GHz radio system with a full extreme range of +600.
  • 1 x set of radio batteries
  • Toslon sonar feature/fish finder (Not included see accessories).

The price: £608.45

From the modular design of the SB4 we can create your very own custom built version, whether it's a retro fit of the accessories listed or even an idea you may what incorporated in your boat even a small detail like different colour LED's, this is possible during the production process of your SB4. You will find the service we offer is unparalleled compared to the mass produced rebranded Chinese boats on the market.

Accessories available:

Toslon fish-finders: stealth is the key, using a fish-finder you can explore and get a better understand of the venues you fish without disturbing the Carp.
TF500 Sonar 2.4Ghz colour fish/finder fitted and tested.
FC500 Sonar 433Mhz Black & White fish/finder fitted and tested.
12v Battery monitor kit TF500 and FC500.
FC90 Sonar 433Mhz Black & White fish/finder fitted and tested.
SB4 Easy-lift.
SB4 deluxe carry bag & mat.
Spare boat batteries.
RC handset cover.
Ltd edition graphic kit.
Camera kit (coming soon)
3D colour coating, Realtree camo, skulls, carbon POA. (only available on new boats)

We reserve the right to change the specifications without notice.

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Click here to Enlarge - The CarpTechnics Sb4 Baitboat
Click here to Enlarge - The CarpTechnics Sb4 Baitboat
Click here to Enlarge - The CarpTechnics Sb4 Baitboat
Click here to Enlarge - The CarpTechnics Sb4 Baitboat
Click here to Enlarge - The CarpTechnics Sb4 Baitboat
Click here to Enlarge - The CarpTechnics Sb3 Baitboat - size comparison between SB3 & SB4
Click here to Enlarge - The CarpTechnics Sb3 Baitboat - Proof the SB4 has stealth
Click here to Enlarge - The CarpTechnics Sb3 Baitboat - SB4 Pro Ltd edition
Click here to Enlarge - SB4 Pro Ltd edition Baitboat
Click here to Enlarge - SB4 Pro Ltd edition Baitboat
Click here to Enlarge - SB4 Pro Ltd edition Baitboat
Click here to Enlarge - FC500 Sonar

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