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Here you will find our 100% British hand built bait boats and bait boat accessories. If you have any questions about our bait boats or accessories please do not hesitate to contact us. Our customer service team are always happy to help you with advice and discuss your bait boat requirements.

Carptechnics are well established in the bait boat market worldwide. Creating the perfect tools for professional and leisure anglers that need dependable equipment to enhance their angling adventures.

The British design team behind the bait boat projects have all the key elements for this specialist bait boat market. We are all like minded carp anglers with different fields of experience with manufacturing in engineering, electronics and automotive industries. Producing high performance products in a range of materials from carbon fibre to reinforced ABS plastics. Our wealth of knowledge and experience with innovative designing and manufacturing techniques all have been put to great use in our high performance product range of bait boats.

In keeping with the Carptechnics ethos, when a product of ours ticks all the right boxes, it's then ready for you and not before it's that simple! We have invested in plant equipment over the course of recent years including our in-house vacuum forming production process, putting us now on the front line with new developments, by listening to and receiving first hand feedback from owners and field testers, allows us to instantly apply relevant design solutions, where our R&D push the limits of design, here we develop new products from conception to production

Bait Boats from Carptechnics are not re-branded bait boats from China. We do not involve other companies to make our body structures like many of our rivals. Which is in stark contrast to the Chinese mass-market manufacturing processes. Our complete range of bait boats are all hand crafted and UK manufactured using a small but exceptionally talented and dedicated team.

We don't just assume all the components will work correctly straight from the box, all component are inspected and tested at each stage of the production process, then we finish off by exposing every boat to rigorous functional testing ensuring our products are fit for purpose; our perfect fusion of high quality branded RC components, bespoke bodywork and hardware combined with our hand-built production methods are seamlessly integrated with levels of our stringent quality control surpass any mass-produced rivals.

Our bait boats are fast, reliable, with all the practical features making them easy to use. Our innovative designs include the Wildcat catamaran (discontinued) and the impressive compact series of the Sb3 and the new Sb4. The Sb3 series is a triple hull design of bait boat that come packed with many great features. The high end specification of the latest 7th Generation Sb3 Pro (G7) and the Sb3 Pro-X (G7) have both received a number of upgrades. Back in 2005 the Sb3 Pro-G2 was the first ever bait boat on the worldwide market to operate on 2.4 GHz, and to date the latest version of the Sb3 is still the most compact bait boat in its class.

Yet again Carptechnics has raised the bar with the all new Sb4 series. This boat takes compact to a completely new level in design. The overall reduction in weight of the Sb4 allows for optimised weight distribution, greatly contributing to the balance and perfect centre of gravity required for tight turning even at max speed fully loaded. Nothing has been left to chance with the Sb4 and to ensure total reliability from the start, the Sb4 is equipped internally with many of the same high end branded components used in the well proven Sb3 Pro, including 2.4GHz RC system.

Carptechnics Bait Boats

Sb3 Pro (Gen7) - Starting from £995.95

Sb3 Pro-X (Gen7) - Starting from £1288.99

Sb4 Pro (Gen3) - Starting from £749.99

Sb4 Pro-X (Gen3) - Starting from £956.99

Fishfinder and Autopilot not included in above price

We are also suppliers for Toslon and Powapacs Products

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