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Bait Boats from Carptechnics. The Sb3 Pro bait boats are 100% British built, at 50cm in length these compact boats weigh just 4.1kg including the battery, with a running time of 2.5hrs on the standard 8000 mAh SLA battery (optional: Li-ion 6.5hrs) the Sb3 series have been designed and developed for professional and leisure anglers that expect nothing but the best.

Nothing has been left to chance with these boats, to ensure total reliability from the very start your Sb3 utilises some of the most advanced materials and bespoke components currently available; all boat body structures are manufactured in house, our boats are equipped internally with high quality branded components as used in the world of professional RC modelling industry such as Futaba, Graupner, Robbe etc, every component is inspected for quality and tested before and during the production process.

These compact British built bait boats really are at the front line in innovative design and state-of-the-art technology, including digital 2.4 GHz AFHDS remote control systems; with no external antennas and a fold down handle maintains the sleek low profile allowing you the freedom to take your Sb3 Pro even under low overhanging trees to place your baits with pinpoint accuracy; we have even included a special nanotech coating on all the electronic components for absolute moisture resistant protection and optimised reliability, this is just one of the many small details that ensures your Sb3 Pro is fit for the purpose it was intended.

These are the right tools for the job, Sb3 Pro series is probably one of the best bait boats for fishing at one of the large lakes in France as used in the World Carp Classic on the 2800-acre Lac de Madine plus other challenging venues like Lac de Curton (Rainbow lake) and Lac du Der-Chantecoq etc.

Key features: Sb3 Pro (Gen7) custom builds

100% hand built in the UK using many bespoke components unique to the Sb3 Series boats

Light weight 4.1kg including the boat battery

High impact reinforced ABS body structure manufactured in house, Carptechnics are the only British Bait boat company to do this. (Unique!)

Sb3 Pro (G7) now benefits with the latest bespoke stealth mode drive system to complement the silent bait release system allowing the angler to take their boat right over weary feeding carp without spooking, this this is a game changer especially on short sessions

Compact dimensions L 50 x W 35 x H 21cm.

Carrying capacity 1.8 kg of Boilies or 2.2 wet particles

Guaranteed 100% unsinkable with integral enhanced buoyancy (unique!)

High quality branded RC electronics.

2.4GHz, AFHDS radio system – no external antennas - Long range +800m

Hopper doors 316 marine grade stainless steel, doors sit above the waterline perfect for PVA work

316 stainless steel door release system perfect for carrying rigs under load at extreme range, unlike magnet release systems that open prematurely under load before you reach to spot (unique!)

LED Bait drop indication.

Hoppers open via RC handset or opened and closed by hand, perfect for loading rigs (unique!)

Switchable remote controlled LED navigation light system.

Dimming of LED navigation lights allows you to adjust the brightness (no need to blind yourself at night time (unique!)

Supplied with 8000 mAh SLA battery and mains charger. (2.5 hour running time)

OPTIONAL: The option of a lithium-ion smart battery and charger is available for the Sb3 Pro (G7), this is a 20Ah Lithium-ion smart battery giving 6.5 hours running time covering approximately 20Km on a single charge

Easy to read digital voltmeter display

Balanced fold down handle, made from laser cut 316 marine grade stainless steel, comfortable to carry and lift in and out of the water. (unique!)

Weed guard latest (G7) version allows you to pass over most loose surface weed where other boats would become stuck or loose steering control if one side becomes blocked. (unique!)

Expandable modular design, perfect for custom build

Sb3 Pro (Gen7) standard features and specifications:

  • Bullet proof 2.4GHz, AFHDS radio link immune to any interference
  • Incredibly compact design makes it easy to store in the car boot and carry to your swim, a massive advantage over other boats on the market
  • Enhanced integral buoyancy to prevent sinking
  • Main body structure manufactured in house using reinforced high impact acrylic capped black ABS
  • At just 50 cm long it is the smallest bait boat in its class yet delivers more bait than some boats twice its size
  • Two independent hoppers with perfectly closing 316 marine grade stainless steel doors and vertical sides, perfect when using maggots or small wet particles
  • Hoppers have large openings allowing the use of large 60mm balls of ground-bait, 28mm halibut pellets, even live and dead-baits
  • Doors open individually or simultaneously with dedicated bait drop control, perfect for all PVA use as the doors sit above the waterline, (Optional: Hopper cover available for added PVA protection)
  • Quick bait up time takes out two rods to two different spots in one trip
  • The Sb3 triple hull design is extremely stable and manoeuvrable in strong cross winds on large open choppy waters, fully loaded or unloaded
  • Quick change rechargeable boat battery takes just a few seconds to change over batteries
  • Perfectly balanced laser cut 316 stainless steel fold down handle maintaining the unique low profile, (Optional Easy-lift saves bending down to place the boat in the water)
  • Programmable 6-10 channel digital 2.4GHz AFHDS radio-controlled system, Full range +800-meter, frequency hopping
  • Dimming of LED navigation lights allows you to adjust the brightness (no need to blind yourself at night-time (unique!)
  • Switchable remote-controlled LED navigation light system
  • Digital voltmeter display for boat battery status
  • Built-in fail safe, safeguards and protects handset and boat electronic components
  • Digital micro-processor control with variable speed in forward and reverse
  • Easy to use one hand control with pinpoint accuracy, allowing you the freedom to move tight to features without spooking the fish
  • Powerful ultra-low noise 750BB series HD propeller drive system as standard
  • Weed guard, equipped with the latest design enables the boat to pass over loose surface weed safely without becoming stranded or loosing steering control common fault on other boats
  • Compact dimensions: L 50 cm x W 35 cm x H 21 cm
  • Light weight without battery 3.2kg with boat battery 4.1kg
  • Bait capacity: Twin hoppers, 1.8 kg of Boilies or 2.2 wet particles
  • Standard battery: 8000 mAh SLA battery with SLA charger (2.5 hour running time)
  • Optional: High performance 20Ah lithium-ion boat battery, (including li-ion charger) running time of +6.5 hours continuous use covering approximately 20km, depending on speed setting and weather conditions
  • Optional: Spotlight system, five Cree chip LEDs switches on/off via the remote-control unit
  • Optional: All new Sb3 Pro (G7) boats are future proof and have been designed to take a range of optional Sonar feature/fish finder and GPS systems including GPS Auto-Pilot systems & winch camera systems
  • All Carptechnics bait boats comply with CE, ROHS, & WEEE regulations
  • User guide and instructions limited 4 years warranty and lifetime support

Price from: 995.95

As a direct British manufacture our products are not just restricted to a specific budget, basically our expandable modular designs allow us to offer you our unique custom build service should you have any special requirements, we can retrofit an array of components and products such as GPS sonar systems, GPS Auto Pilot systems, Winch camera systems, different RC equipment or even something as small as different colour LED’s, the service we offer is unparalleled compared to the mass produced rebranded Chinese boats on the market.

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